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Inaugural Post

Posted by casev8 on 02.10.2006 at 02:27
What's On?: Sportscenter
This LJ community is dedicated to those of use who watch Sportscenter way too much.

-If you watch Sportscenter more than twice a day (morning and night).
-If you watch it back to back so you can exclaim pop culture quotes along with the anchors
- If you know these guys: Stuart Scott, Dan Patrick, Kenny Mayne, Scott Van Pelt, Chris Berman, Trey Wingo, Keith Olbermann, Rich Eisen...and all the rest.
-If you would rather watch Sportscenter than pretty much anything else on TV.

If any of these symptoms sound like you, you may be a Sportscenter Addict!

So feel free to join and post your favorite quotes, talk about sports, criticize anchor flubs or anything else about the best sports highlight show that's been around since 1979.

We Are Sportscenter Addicts.


call me crazy one more time.
super_six_one at 2006-02-23 05:38 (UTC) ([Link])
I think I may be a SC addict. I watch it more than my boyfriend, which is undoubtedly a bit sad on my part
producibpe at 2013-02-17 05:44 (UTC) ([Link])
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